► Name : Saiful Alam (Rajib) ► Age : 26 ► Date of birth : 6th August, 1984 ► Joined : 2008 ► Games : Counter-Strike, Need For Speed ► Designation : Gamer, Clan Manager Achievement summary -
  • Need For Speed Prostreet Semi-finalist in WCG BD 08 preliminary championship
  • Ranked in the list of TOP 5 CS 1.6 teams of 2009 in Bangladesh (Team Яed ViperZ)
  • Ranked as #4 team of 2010 in CS 1.6 in Bangladesh (Team Яed ViperZ)
Description : GT3600, the clan manager who is also one of the founders of Яed ViperZ gaming clan and since then he has been always there to guide the clan in it's every step to success. He always has played a big supportive role in the games of Need For Speed and always gave an upper-hand to shafiee007 and been a pioneer in developing the clan's CS 1.6 side. He has been playing NFS in competitive level since 2005 and changed his track to CS 1.6 in 2009, the year RV CS 1.6 team was born. As a member of newly born CS team of RV, he played very important role in the birth and evolution of RV CS team. Now, he is working as the second-incharge of the clan. Gadgets and settings - Counter-Strike : Mouse : Razer DeathAdder Dpi : 1800 Polling rate : 500Hz Sensitivity : 10 Windows sensitivity : -3 from default In-game sensitivity : N/A Pad : Razer Goliathus Large (Control edition) Need For Speed : Controller : Playstation Dual Shock 2 dual-analog stick gamepad