► Name : Raihan-Ull-Islam (Rafi) ► Age : 18 ► Joined : 2009 ► Games : Need For Speed, Counter-Strike ► Designation : Gamer, Tech Assist Achievement summary - ● Need for Speed Most Wanted (Bronze) in NSU Cyber Athletics 2011   Description: Starting his competitive gamings from 2005 (WCG-2005 national finale), Jinpachi has participated on every single WCG event of Bangladesh. Although at first he just played for fun ,he started to come to sense from next year when he was knocked out in the first round due to some noobish mistakes. Wanting to make a statement,he came back strong in the following years WCG when he finished in the top 16 of the national finale with a "un-tuned" car and in automatic gear system in NFS-Carbon. After that, he slowly started to realize the depth off technique that multi-player gaming needs. So,he came back the next year with a fully tuned car and doing some good timing, he went through the first round,only to be knocked out by one of our country's finest racers, ЯV●Speed, by a narrow margin. That was also the year when CS-1.6 was in the WCG event in BD for the first time. He was quite interested in that as well. The following year, he joined ЯVG with a view to play CS-1.6 on a competitive level. But due to some issues he had to abandon that. The next year, NFS-MW came back to WCG-2010 national finale. He started practicing for the event and looked pretty promising. He finished 5th losing to the "Unstoppable" ЯV●Vendetta. Now he plans to beat the mighty  Vendy and become next WCG-NFS champion. Also has some high hopes about CS-1.6 Gadgets and settings - Racing: Controller: Logitech Rumblepad 2   Counter Strike: Mouse: Steelseries Kinzu (white) CPI-1600 Sensitivity- Windows 3, in game 1.4 Polling rate- 500Hz (2ms approx) Surface: Steelseries QcK Mass Keyboard: Razer Arctosa Headset: Steelseries Siberia V1