ЯV●METALLICA ► Name : Shakil Hai (Omi) ► Age : 25 ► Joined : 2010 ► Games : Counter-Strike ► Designation : Gamer, Former captain of CS team   Achievement summary -
  • Counter-Strike 1.6 (Gold) in WCG BD 2010 preliminary round (Sylhet) (Team Яed ViperZ)
  • Counter-Strike 1.6 Quarter Finalist in WCG BD 2010 (Team Psycho)
  Description: METALLICA, the most senior and one of the most trusted clan members of Red ViperZ Gaming, joins Team RV as a CS 1.6 player in 2010. Having great leadership skills, he was chosen to lead the talented youngsters recruited in 2010. The newly formed team Insane Gamer a.k.a IG was leaded by him which was later named Team PSYCHO. In early 2010, he proved his talent once again by winning a gold in Sylhet Preliminary Championship as a member of Team RV. Later in WCG BD he fought his way along with his team until they met their own brother team RV in the quarters. Overall, their performance as a new team in WCG BD 2010 was remarkable. In 2011, he is in rest but still active in the clan matters and hopefully soon he'll return to gaming scene once again.   Gadgets and Settings – Counter Strike : Mouse : Logitech MX-518 Dpi : N/A Polling rate : N/A Driver sensitivity : N/A Windows sensitivity : N/A In-game sensitivity : N/A