ЯV●Punisher - ► Name : Himel Joarder (Himel) ► Age : 18 ► Joined : 2009 ► Games : Counter-Strike ► Designation : Gamer Achievement summary -
  • Ranked as #4 team in CS 1.6 in the year 2010 in Bangladesh (Team Яed ViperZ)
Description: Punisher, one of the former members of team S.F.A.S. joins RV as a Counter-Strike player in 2010, the 2nd year of RV's CS journey. He played as a player of Red ViperZ CS team 2010 and played his most important roll "frag your opponent". Initially, he proved himself as a talented player back in 2009 as he played his first WCG in that year and draw everyone's attention. RV is proud to have him in their clan and wishes to bring the maximum output from his true potential. This year, 2011, he is assigned to play in newly formed Team OverClockerZ and we wish him best of luck beating everyone out there. Gadgets and settings - Counter Strike : Mouse : Intelli mouse explorer 3.0 Dpi : N/A Polling rate : N/A Windows sensitivity : N/A In-game sensitivity : N/A