ЯV●Sun- ► Name : Raihan Kaiser (Sunny) ► Age : 19 ► Date of birth : N/A ► Joined : 2011 ► Games : Counter-Strike ► Designation : Gamer Achievement summary :
  • CS 1.6 (Silver) in WCG BD 09 national championship (XLU)
  • CS 1.6 (Silver) in WCG BD10 national championship (XLU)
Description : Sun, former member of everyone's favorite team "XBK" from the clan XLU, joins Яed ViperZ Gaming in 2011 as a member of Яed ViperZ CS team. In 2009,  he made it to the finals defeating team SU:GT and won a silver losing to XLunited. Later in 2010, he had won his 2nd gold medal in the ground of WCG BD as a member of XBK team. Sun is undoubtedly one of the best fraggers out there in CS scene of Bangladesh and not only that, he surely knows the tactics how to annihilate his opponents. Яed ViperZ gaming are very lucky to have him in their clan and confident that he will never let ЯV down. Gadgets and Settings – Counter Strike : Mouse : Logitech MX-518 Dpi : Classified Polling rate : Classified Windows sensitivity : Classified In-game sensitivity : Classified Pad : QCK fnatic edition