ЯV●TmY - ► Name : Subrin Al Azad (Tonmoy) ► Age : 22 ► Joined : 2009 ► Games : Counter-Strike, Need For Speed ► Designation : Gamer, Captain CS team (Former) Achievement summary -
  • Ranked in the list of TOP 5 CS 1.6 teams of 2009 in Bangladesh (Team Яed ViperZ)
  • Ranked as #4 team in CS 1.6 in the year 2010 in Bangladesh (Team Яed ViperZ)
  • Need For Speed Most Wanted (Silver) in WCG BD 2010 preliminary round (Sylhet) (ЯV●TmY)
  • Need For Speed Most Wanted (Silver) in North South University gaming tournament 2010 (ЯV●TmY)
  • Need For Speed Most Wanted (Silver) in East West University gaming contest 2011 (ЯV●TmY)
  • Need For Speed Most Wanted (Silver) in Khulna Cyber Gaming championship 2011 (ЯV●TmY)
Description: TmY, a name that will never be forgotten by the members of RV as he will stay in the spirit of RV Counter-strike team, joined Red ViperZ Gaming in 2009 as CS player and was the very first member to be the captain of team RV 2009 making their debut in CS 1.6. Holding on to his leadership, the team made their way to TOP 5 CS teams of 2009 in their very first year and proved themselves as an uprising team in CS 1.6 scene in Bangladesh. With all the glory of 2009, he came back to strike again in 2010 and played as a member of Red ViperZ CS 1.6 team once again and made it to the semi-finals and put up a excellent fight with the champion team inXs. Apart from CS 1.6, he is also known as a talented Need For Speed gamer and won 1 gold and 4 silver medals through out the country since last year. This year, 2011, he is focusing more on Need For Speed and already (Q1, 2011) brought 2 silver medals, making Red ViperZ Gaming proud. We are very happy to have him in our clan and will be looking for his support all the way as the clan keep on gaming. Gadgets and settings - Counter Strike : Mouse : Logitech MX-518 Dpi : N/A Polling rate : N/A Windows sensitivity : N/A In-game sensitivity : N/A