► Name : Alif Rahman Chowdhury (Ratul)  ► Age : 22 ► Date of Birth : 20th February, 1990 ► Joined : 2008 ► Games : Need For Speed, Counter-Strike ► Designation : Gamer, Racing Leader Achievement summary -
    • Need For Speed Most Wanted (Gold) in Blizzard Gaming Championship 2008
    • Need For Speed Most Wanted (Gold) in WCG BD 2010 preliminary round (Sylhet)
    • Need For Speed Most Wanted (Gold) in North South University gaming tournament 2010
    • Need For Speed Most Wanted (Gold) in WCG BD 2010 national championship
    • Need For Speed Most Wanted (Gold) in BCGC 2010 national championship
    • Counter-Strike 1.6 (Gold) in WCG BD 2010 preliminary round (Sylhet) (Team Яed ViperZ)
    • Counter-Strike 1.6 (Gold) in ULAB Gaming Championship 2010
    • Need For Speed Most Wanted (Gold) in GIGABYTE Gaming FEST 2011
    • Need For Speed Most Wanted (Gold) in EWU IT FEST 2011
    • Need For Speed Most Wanted (Gold) in IUB Gaming FEST 2011
    • Counter-Strike 1.6 (Silver) in Club 3 Season 1 Tournament 2011 
    • Counter-Strike 1.6 (Silver) in Exotic Season 1 Tournament 2012
Biography : Vendetta, known as one of the legendary Need For Speed players in Bangladesh. He started his gaming career as a NFS player participating in WCG BD 2006 national championship. In his 1st tournament he reached 6th round and become one of top 25 players. In the next year he again entered in the WCG BD 2007 national championship and reached top 16. The next year he secured his position as a quarter finalists. At the same year he joined Red ViperZ Clan. He wasn’t active that much in NFS until 2010 and becoming active, he made the year 2010 memorable for himself and also for the clan. He earned 5 gold in a single year which is truly remarkable. His passion, dedication, excellence, potential is one of a kind in Яed ViperZ Gaming clan. He is widely-known not only for NFS but also for his developing skills in CS 1.6. He is surely one of the best reflex having player in Bangladesh .He Started playing CS in 2007. Later  he joined in a team named IG(Insane Gamerz) in 2009. In 2010 IG became a part of RV gaming and its(IG) name changed to ‘phYcho’. In the same year he played in the main line up(CS) for WCG BD preliminary championship and there he achieved his 1st CS gold medal. Later he couldn’t continue his CS career for some personal issue. ЯV brought him back  to the CS line up in 2011. From then he has been performing consistently. With his dedication, evolving gaming sense and impressive shooting skills in CS secured his position in Counter Strike line up.   Gadgets and settings - Counter-Strike : Mouse : Intelli mouse explorer and SteelSeries Sensei Dpi : 450 /1800(cpi) Polling rate : 500Hz / 500Hz In-game sensitivity : 2.87/2.6 Windows sensitivity : 6/3 ExactAim and Free Move : off (Xai) Pad : QCK heavy edition Keyboard: Razer Arctosa Sound Device : SteelSeries Siberia V2 Black with USB 7.1 media sound card Need For Speed : Controller : Logitech Rumble pad 2 Sensitivity - 55 Deadzone - 7