Red Viperz Gaming, also known as RV Gaming, is one of the biggest gaming teams of Bangladesh. The team was formed by a small group of extremely talented gamers in 2008 at the verge of World Cyber Games-2008 National Finals. Starting it's journey from the year 2008, now with more than 40 talented active members, Red Viperz Gaming has become one of the strongest and versatile gaming teams of the country's multiplayer gaming community.   The team is famous for dominating racing games, winning every single tournament attended since 2008, with highlights like representing Bangladesh in 2008 WCG Grand Finals.   The team is also doing extremely well in FIFA with a bunch of extremely talented people who have represented Bangladesh in international events. With nothing short of gold in any given tournament, the FIFA players are becoming as infamous as the racing players.   The team is also one of the well-known teams in Counter Strike community. Red Viperz entered CS 1.6 in the year 2009 with uprising talented players and since then it is competing in CS 1.6 in various tournaments.  Red Viperz Gaming is currently the champion  in Counter Strike-1.6 with RV.RAW. Also focusing on Counter Strike Source as the team won multiple medals in different tournaments and have a pretty strong line up who are hungry for success. The team also has long term plans for Counter Strike: Golbal Offensive.   The team has a extremely strong RTS team with players like "RVxREAPER", who has represented on various international tournaments and currently is the best RTS player in Bangladesh.   Starting from 2012, the team also included Call of Duty 4 in its target list and formed team with talented players who are hungry for success and working extremely hard to win everything.   The vision of the team is to be the best in the country and also challenge international teams. Also RV Gaming is working day and night to create professional attitude amongst gamers in Bangladesh.   Red Viperz Gaming team is sponsored by UCC and Thermaltake e-sports. We would like to thank UCC and Tt e-sports for their support.   To know about us more in details, please go through our website and don't forget to like our fanpage on facebook. Visit us at http://www.facebook.com/rvgaming