BE A PRO Tournament HLTVs

Yeah people, waiting period is over and here are the HLTVs of all the matches that took place in "BE A PRO" tournament. Check out the names of the matches below and click on the files to download your desired HLTV demos.   After downloading, extract the RAR file. Then copy the ".dem" file to your counter-strike directory (eg. - counterstrike 1.6 v40 > cstrike > Paste). After pasting the file under cstrike folder, copy the name of the .dem file (or rename the file and remember it exactly). Turn on the game, press "~" button to open console. Type either "playdemo" or "viewdemo" then after a gap, "paste" or type the name of .dem file. Press enter and you are good to go !


RG vs Phobea - rg_vs_phobea_1105271453-de_dust2   FYX vs Soats - FYX_vs_TeamVendy-1105271854-de_dust2 FYX_vs_soats-1105271854-de_dust2   FRACTION vs RG - fraction_vs_rg_1105271559-de_inferno   FRACTION vs Phobea - fraction_vs_phobia-(Part1)-de_nuke fraction_vS_phobia-(part2)-de_nuke   eXotic vs VAT69 - exotic_vs_vat69_(Part1)-de_dust2 exotic_vs_vat69-(Part2)-de_dust2  


  FYX vs VAT69 - vat69vsfyx-1105281204-de_inferno   eXotic vs Soats exotic-vs-soats-quarters-de_inferno  


eXotic vs EG - (de_tuscan) exotic-vs-eg-semis-1105281853-de_tuscan eXotic vs  EG - (de_nuke) exotic-vs-eg-semis-1105281819-de_nuke   FYX vs FRACTION - (de_dust2) frac-vs-fyx-semi-de_dust2 FYX vs FRACTION - (de_nuke) fraction vs fyx - semis - nuke  


eXotic vs FYX - 1. (de_inferno) exotic-vs-fyx-finals-1105282002-de_inferno 2. (de_dust2) exotic-vs-fyx-finals-1105282057-de_dust2