Capcom Cup 2014, what makes it special?

maxresdefault When it comes to the world of fighting games EVO is usually considered to be most important event and in many ways it probably is, it attracts the most people and features the most games. However during the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter Capcom hosted their own event and unlike EVO this event required you to go through a very grueling qualifying process, which meant that players would have to prove themselves just to attend. This made Capcom Cup a more fair event in my opinion compared to others and we  finally got to see the Street Fighter players compete in a format that is used globally in many accomplished Esport games So what can you guys expect from this year’s Capcom Cup? What makes it tick? The participation of all Street Fighter 4 EVO Champions capcom-protour-evo-622-crop It was rather disturbing to see Gamerbee lose to RZR Fuudo after traveling and competing in so many events, but with Fuudo’s win we all of a sudden were looking at an event featuring all the Street Fighter 4 world champions, which only a few weeks ago looked impossible. But in the nick of time both Daigo and Fuudo were able to earn their spots via the last two qualifiers. Interesting rivalries It is rare to see a Street Fighter event where you can enjoy so many burning rivalries. What is interesting that we have a very unique mixture of old and new rivalries and they all have an interesting backstory to them, you guys can check out our brief descriptions about the most notable ones below. RZR Xian vs Snake Eyez: 11 (2) For me Xian first made his presence felt At 2010’s Autocity Brawl , where he took out Chucky's Viper with his Dhalsim. Even then you could tell that Xian was a really clever player by analyzig his movement and clever use of U2. After AE came out Xian switched to YUN and his success grew as he performed consistently well on most of the events he entered. But the character that finally got Xian into the spotlight was GEN, soon he reached a very high level and gave the performance of his life at Evo 2013. Now what about Snake Eyez? Well this guy unlike Xian was not in my radar in the early days, sure he won Evolution himself on Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix but I did not see much of him in SF4. Regardless Snake Eyez slowly but surely became a really strong Street Fighter 4 player and people did not realize how good he really was until he took out Xian at Evolution 2014. Since then they have faced each other on multiple occasions and Snake Eyez has come out on top every time, it is almost as if he has become a demon for Xian at this point. Luffy vs Bonchan: evo2014-usf4-gfs1 This is one of those new rivalries that originated in the grandest stage, the grand finals of Evolution 2014. Luffy is widely regarded as the best Rose player in the world, even back in SF4 Vanilla days he was an amazing player competing against the likes of Daigo and Mago at respectable events like WCG. Bonchan on the other hand is also related to Daigo and is one of the guys who started learning from the legend himself, which is something you can see in his zoning game. However these two didn't meet that much before grand finals of Evolution 2014, where everyone looked at Luffy as the underdog and Bonchan as the favorite to win. But things turned out to be entirely different, the match started to look fairly one sided. You could see Bonchan look really surprised at this point, wondering what he was doing wrong and what he could do to adapt. But there was not much time and in such a grand stage even the greatest of players can fail to adapt on the fly. Luffy won the event and became the new world champion, but left Bonchan with a burning wound that will not heal till he beats his new found rival. Infiltration vs Momochi: DSC_0999 Momochi has always been one of the strongest Street Fighter 4 players, even in SF4 Vanilla he was considered to be the strongest Akuma player. Competing with the likes of Daigo and Mago on even footing. Since then he has mastered many different characters with the most notable ones being Ken and Cody. Similar to Momochi Infiltration also started his Street Fighter 4 journey with Akuma and later mastered multiple characters. He was able earn 3rd place at his very first Evolution championships and later went on to win Evolution 2012 taking out the likes of Daigo and Gamerbee. But despite using similar strategies and characters, Infiltration has always had a slight edge. They have met at CEO 2014, Capcom Cup Asia finals, Capcom Cup Korea finals and at NCR 2013 and every time Infiltration has come out on top! Will these guys meet again at Capcom Cup 2014? If they do will Momochi finally be able to overcome the Korean scientist or will Infiltrations calculated ways win him the match once again? Fuudo vs Snake Eyez: 11 (1) So remember how Snake Eyez is Xian’s demon? Well the Demon for Snake Eyez has always been Fuudo. Almost as if Fuudo’s style is the direct counter to Snake Eyez , normally you would see Fuudo rush at his opponent’s but whenever he faces Snake Eyez it changes into a different style that revolves around him maintaining a certain space and simply reacting to what is happening. These guys have met each multiple times with Fuudo having the better end of the duel most of the times. But now that Zangief is a stronger character in Ultra will Snake Eyez finally be able to pull out something unpredictable and take out the Fei Long master? Bonchan vs Nishikin: taito-bonchan-nishikin This is one of the more unique rivalries, because until recently no one really even took Nishikin as a player who could take out someone like Bonchan. Nishikin was always a very strong player but his character always held him back, but in Ultra he has finally been able to push himself to that extra mile. His defining performance took place in Isshuu Sengeki Cup 2014 Grand Final where Nishikin played the game of his life to take out Bonchan’s Sagat. It was a surprising defeat that forced everyone to treat Nishikin as a serious candidate and also made Bonchan realize that Luffy is not the only one he needs to worry about. Daigo vs Infiltration: evo2012-daigo-infiltration Probably the most heated rivalry we have seen in a long time , Daigo and Infiltrations are easily two of the strongest players in the world. Daigo is a legend in many games and he started out in Street Fighter 4 by winning back to back Evolution championships. Infiltration on the other hand was always a great player but was not considered a threat to Daigo back in the day. Mainly because Daigo was able to take out Infiltration multiple times before, that is until Evolution 2012 happened and Infiltration just all of a sudden became the best player in the world. He took out Daigo in back to back Evolution Championships and in Capcom Cup 25th anniversary in dominating fashion. In 2012 Infiltration was considered untouchable in the same way Daigo was the years before and we as fans were almost starting to think that Infiltration has finally surpassed Daigo. Then out of nowhere a FT10 between the two giants was announced at Tokyo Game Show 2013 and everyone looked in awe as Daigo had adapted to the seemingly unbeatable Infiltration and took him out convincingly. Umehara then showed similar dominance against Infiltration again at Topanga World League as well, proving that the Beast was once again at the top of the food chain. But at Capcom Cup they might face each other again and looking at their history you can bet your house that they will be out for blood. Infiltrations vs PR ROG: featured-ncr-results After Infiltration finally started looking human in 2013, it was PR ROG who started to become a threat for him. PR ROG was always a very strong player but no one really expected him to compete against the likes of Infiltration. But in Evolution 2013 PR ROG shocked the world with his unique focus heavy Balrog , the dash up level 1 focus was so weird yet effective that even Infiltration was not able to adapt to it on the fly. But fate had other plans and they faced each other again at losers bracket and this time Infiltration gave Ed a test of his own medicine by counter picking his Balrog with Hakan and his plan worked ! PR ROG failed to handle the hard counter and crumbled at the hands of Infiltration. Since then they have faced each other multiple times and unlike other rivalries no one really has a clear edge , making this one of the more unpredictable clashes. Daigo vs Ricky Ortiz: evo2010_daigo84 In the early days there weren’t many people from the US who were capable of giving Daigo a run for his money, Ricky Ortiz was one of the few who could actually compete with him on equal footing. Their most noticeable clashes took place at Evolution 2010, where after some intense matches Daigo was able to clinch the victory. Since then they have fought each other multiple times with Daigo coming out on top on most occasions, but Ricky never made it easy for the Beast and was even able to pull the win off at CEO 2012. In fact there have been occasions where people have said that Ricky’s more crazy style is favorable against Daigo than others, so how this match will turn out is anybody’s guess, but the fans are sure in for a treat if it really does end up happening. Daigo vs Justin Wong: daigojustin The guys that gave birth to the EVO 2004 moment 37, the guys who fought it out at EVO 2009 Grand Finals, the guys that literally carried and inspired their regions in to the world of competitive fighting games, It is the legendary rivalry between Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong. They have faced each other multiple times and yes most of the times it is Daigo who has won. But not one time did Justin go down without a fight. Unlike most of the other rivalries which we may or may not get to see, this one will surely happen as these two legends will face each other at the very first round (tough way to start isn’t it ?). I don’t know who will win this time around, though history suggests that Daigo has the upper hand, but if there is one thing you never do is count out Justin Wong out of a match The First ever Street Fighter 5 match 10391400_10152970838927147_2520312882016333401_n There is one more thing that will surely hype everyone up. We will get to see the first ever Street Fighter 5 match live at Capcom Cup, the sneak peek into future of the most successful fighting games series of all time. Expect to see new mechanics, new visuals and maybe even new characters! Some people will be happy, some people will not like the change, but one thing is for sure that it will be a historical moment for fighting games fans all over the world. Schedule: npGYbOd Final thoughts: Capcom Cup has the potential to be the best Street Fighter event of the year, there is a lot of talent between these 16 guys to create spectacular matches. Will we see new rivalries form and new stars rise  ? or will one of the of legends will still prevail due to their superior experience and knowledge ? Only time will tell, but either way it will be one hell of a ride!