Celebrating the birth of an Avalanche in the racing scene

992974_10201454661837805_1782293314_n Today we celebrate the birthday of Farhan 'Avalanche' Rashid Nabil, who is he you ask ? Well throughout the years , we have had many player come and go. But some stuck around and went on to build their career at the highest level possible in the region. He falls in the very shorty list of the latter. Avalanche started out in 2011 as an unknown person and then went on to become a recognizable figure in the competitive racing scene by breaking 24 World records in a single season. 1476458_10152024817357884_6809186_n That however was only the beginning as he later switched his main game to Need For Speed Most Wanted (The original one that had us all dream about Mia and gave us an arcade feel while keeping skill relevant) and went on a tear! Winning 8 notable tournaments and even challenging our very own Alif "Vendetta" Rahman, who is a legend in his own right at WCG multiple times. Some might argue that among all the people who tried to take away Vendetta's crown he was the one that came the closest. But that isn't the thing the only thing that made him stand out, Avalanche was always a very helpful person to all the newcomers. He would always be willing to give others time to help them grow and would never try to hold them back even if it meant that they would eventually catch up to him with that newfound knowledge. In a world where most successful gamers would grow an ego and keep others down, he took the better part and perhaps that for some people is a greater thing about him than just his raw skills as a player. Long story short, if there is ever a conversation about the best racing game players produced by our country, he would easily be one of them. So all the up and coming competitive players of our country today owe a lot of our progress to people like him. Happy Birthday Avalanche, the name really does make sense. You came out guns blazing, took out a load of glory with you and by the time you stopped we had all felt your value. GG WP mate.