Familiar faces, renewed spirit, RV Gaming presents new CS GO Team

The-Black-Mamba-Super-dark-Crisp-Background-for-Website Today marks the day when RV Gaming returns to the competitive Counter-Strike Global Offensive scene, join us in celebrating the repatriation of Saimon "Xplsn" Mehedi and Weil "GHOST" Al-Nasib. Among all the available options, these two familiar names ticked the right boxes. We wanted to create a squad that sports the necessary experience and the hunger to grow as a team. Xplsn was a part of our previous CS GO roster and saw his fair share of success. Now he returns home with some new found experience and a greater appreciation for the organization. As for GHOST, he is a true veteran of the scene. Having spent time with a few different squads since his return in Bangladesh, we feel he will offer a lot to the team both in and out of the game. We are elated to have the opportunity to work with them again and have complete faith that they will do their best for the organization. In return, we commit to support the players in building their legacy towards greatness. Saimon "Xplsn" Mehedi on his return to RV Gaming: 565035_579935762022759_1976779582_n"I am back where I belong, this provides me a great deal of happiness as well as the motivation to grow not just as a player, but as a part of a team that sports the synergy required to get back to the top of the food chain. I am confident in the ability of the players around me and believe that this time my journey with RV Gaming will be a lot different 😉 !" 
  Team Owner, Shafiee “007’ Rahaman on the changes: 10473350_10152331453755143_8631429232260654259_n"Good to have the boys back home! I know what these players are capable of, I have seen them play for years and have faith that they will do everything necessary to take it to the next level. They represent the balance of experience and firepower that I was looking to achieve with our new CS GO rosters. Hopefully, the new journey will be our best one yet!"
  With these changes, we currently have: Saimon "Xplsn" Mehedi Mohammad "CodE" Tanvir Alif "Vendetta" Rahman Towfiq "sLiNK" Rahman Weil "GHOST" Al-Nasib Stay updated with our Facebook and Twitter page  
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