Interview with Razer Xian

Often regarded as the best Gen player in the world, Ho Kun Xian aka ‘Razer Xian’ is without a doubt one of the best Street Fighter players in the current era. Despite starting out as a Dhalsim player, Xian received the most attention due to his amazing Gen which won him the Evolution 2013 championship. Since then Xian has become one of the most consistent players in all of Street Fighter 4, by constantly adapting to the changes and always staying ahead of the competition due to his mastery of many characters. I was able to have a little Q&A session with him after he came back from his vacation, where among many things we discussed about his infamous Dhalsim counter pick at Capcom Cup, the influence of negativity from the fans and the prize pool bonus this year from Capcom. XTRXPggt Zenith: So Xian, you just came from a vacation on recently. How did it go? RZR XIAN: Finally a vacation without any Street Fighter! It’s different, but feels good once in a while to just stay away from all the competition for a change. Zenith: Let’s talk about the evolution of of your career, as I pointed out in my article about Capcom Cup the very first memory of me watching you was at 2010’s Autocity Brawl, where you used your rather unique Dhalsim against Chuckey’s Viper. Before that I did not see much of you, things obviously went into high gear for you later on. But when did you really start playing Street Fighter with a competitive mindset and come to the point where you are now? RZR Xian: Actually I had a competitive mind set since the day I started playing! My aim was always to win and get better, it’s just that it was harder for me to travel back then. Which is why I was not able to attend as many events as I would have liked. Zenith: Now that you have become a rather successful and famous player in the world of fighting games how do you keep the balance between your personal and professional life? RZR Xian: It was definitely hard but not impossible, with some planning I was able to adjust. That being said I actually traveled less in 2014 compared to my previous years. However I plan to once again start travelling more for events in 2015. Zenith: Tell us about your training routine, how do you keep up with the evolving meta of Street Fighter? It went from being dominated by Vortex characters like Akuma to favoring more explosive characters that can do massive damage in one hit like Evil Ryu. 22_xiangen RZR XIAN: Well for me the big difference was that I started playing more sub character since my main got nerf really bad, but my training style didn't change that much. All I did was practice at tough cookie with different Singapore players, which helped me keep up with the changes. Zenith: After winning EVO you went into bit of a slump where you were struggling to win events and of course there was that infamous 10-0 against Daigo. Did you just decide to take it easy after winning EVO or did the other players simply start overwhelming you? fixed RZR Xian: I actually stopped playing for about a month after winning EVO, I felt like I have finally earned the ultimate victory. But later realize that it was a huge mistake as I was completely overwhelmed at that period of time by other players and ended up losing a lot too. Zenith: What are your thoughts on EL Fuerte in this version? Obviously Pepeday is an amazing player and before his run at TGS no one really appreciated the character. But what do you think about the character In general? Because players like iPeru, Zeny53, Gipie and even Poongko used to play him before, but none of them achieved the same level of success. 07_fuerte100 RZR Xian: Well personally I think Q bomb is the reason Pepeday is so successful in USF4. The way he uses the Q bomb is so amazing and it truly sets him apart from the others and contributes greatly to his success with EL Fuerte. Zenith: You obviously a ended many events overseas and had your fair share of jetlag, how much does Jetlag really affect a player? The most extreme example would probably be the hell that Luffy had to go through during Canada Cup, would you say that affected his performance greatly? RZR Xian: I think the affects of jetlag differs from player to player, for my case it doesn't affect me anymore. Zenith: Who do you think is the most underrated player in Street Fighter? RZR XIAN: I would say it is Razer Tacky! Zenith: How would you rank GEN in this version? RZR XIAN: Gen used to be very weak in 1.01 version, but in 1.04 I’d rate him as a mid-tier character. Zenith: Your very own ‘Razer RZR XIAN’s Academy’ regularly holds an open tournaments that does not require any entry fees, this gives new players a chance to showcase their skill and test how much they have improved. Do you think the same approach would work on other countries where competitive fighting games are not taken seriously? 1962728_4036939257567_1360674396_n RZR XIAN: I feel like that the ‘no entry fees’ method should work anywhere! Also I put $50 out just hoping to attract more people who are willing to get into competitive fighting games and wish to level up. Zenith: During Capcom Cup you counter picked Daigo with Dhalsim, which in my opinion was a brilliant strategy! You held back your secret pocket character and used it when it mattered the most. What I want to talk about here is the aftermath of that counter pick, the internet was flooded with hate posts. People were calling you cheap and were not giving you any credit for the win, it was just chaos c. How did you deal with all the negativity that was coming your way? And why did you think fans reacted the way they did? Was it because you did it against Daigo who is the most famous player in the world or do you think people simply do not appreciate counter picks? photo RZR Xian: Oh I wasn't affected at all by the negativity, it really didn't matter to me ! if anything really did bother me at Capcom Cup that would be my defeat at the hands of Momochi in the grand finals.

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    Ill never understand the hype about this guy, yeah he won EVO but that’s mostly because Gen was cheap

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