Interview with Razer Xian

Zenith: So you are saying that it had nothing to do with you not counter picking Dhalsim against Daigo in Canada Cup? RZR Xian: Nope, I just didn't have enough time to practice Dhalsim again. Also I kept in mind that Xiao Hai plays Evil Ryu and Yun as well, he would have probably counter picked my Dhalsim without any hesitation, so I decided to practice just Gen for the Evil Ryu match. Zenith: From what I have seen, Snake Eyez is without a doubt your biggest obstacle. You guys have faced off in multiple occasions and unfortunately he has come out on top most of the times. What is it that makes playing against him so tough for you? 10690144_440120619474463_283053767026454919_n RZR XIAN: In my opinion the character Zangief is probably the bigger reason for my defeat, I had lost to Razer Itabashi badly in 2 different tournaments as well and since I don’t have any Zangief players to practice against, it is a bit harder for me to deal with compared to other character Zenith: As we all know Capcom announced a massive 500,000$ prize pool for Capcom Cup qualifiers and main event. How do you think this will change the scene overall? Also how does this influence your own approach towards the game? RZR Xian: I think because of this massive prize pool of 500,000$, we will be seeing a lot of different players from different countries competing again! Not much changes except that now it is at a much bigger scale, so I am a lot more motivated to win now. Zenith: Going into EVO 2015, which players are the ones to look out for and why ? 010 RZR Xian: Going into EVO 2015 I think for now Momochi is definely the one to look out for, he's been really consistent in both long and short sets! His mental strength seems very solid as well. Zenith: Finally what are your thoughts so far about Street Fighter 5? If you had your way, what changes would you make to the game in order to make it better? 06_sf5images01 RZR Xian: I think it's still early to say, I would like to give the developers a chance first and wait for the release to see what the final vesion is like before commenting on it. Well that is about it guys, I would like to thank Xian for making the time out of his busy schedule to do this interview. You guys can keep up with him over at Twitter and Facebook, also make sure you check out his official Twitch channel where he broadcasts the mini tournament hosted by his very own Razer Xian’s academy. It is a great place to improve your game and pick up some tips from one of the best players of the current era.

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  • Steve Wreckers

    Xian seems to be a pretty cool guy, too bad he is no longer a gen specialist

  • Shreader Nasid

    nice work

  • NyAn_NeKo

    great article keep up the good work 🙂

  • Simon Henson

    Ill never understand the hype about this guy, yeah he won EVO but that’s mostly because Gen was cheap

  • Hasib Hasan Shovon

    wow! Good job!