Interview with Bruce “GamerBee” Hsiang on his life as a Pro Gamer and Performance at CPTA

banner.png Widely considered as the best Adon player in the world Yu-Lin Bruce Hsiang AKA Gamerbee is without a doubt one of the most consistent players in all of Street Fighter. He made a huge splash back in EVO 2010 and since then his career as a Pro Gamer has only gotten better, I caught up with Gamerbee shortly after the Capcom Pro Tour Asia qualifiers to discuss about his current state as a Pro-Gamer and his performance at CPTA Zenith: So Gamerbee how has your life changed since 2010 when you defeated EG Justin Wong and made into TOP 8 of Evolution Championship Series, what is the difference between your life now and then? asdasdasd Gamerbee: 2010 was my first EVO and I was able to reach Top 5 the year after as well, naturally I was really glad about doing well 2 years in a row. I received a lot of invitations to travel around the world for many events and since I really love to travel and compete it was a great experience for me. Now that I finally have my dream job as a Pro-Gamer, you can say that I am leading a happier life. Zenith: How has your training style changed over the years? During your Stream I remember seeing a match between you and Tokido and he used a setup on you that you were not familiar with, immediately after the match you went into training mode in order to recreate the same scenario, is that something you have always done or something you developed recently? Gamerbee: There are too many tricks in SF4 nowadays, so when you eat a mix-up, best way to deal with it is to go do it again by yourself to figure out how to counter it. I think all top players do the same, so it really is nothing special given the level of play nowadays Zenith: How does gaming influence your personal life? Are you still able to manage enough time for your friends and family? Gamerbee: I have to say when you become a Pro-Gamer, you end up sacrificing a lot because your opponents are always getting better, so in order to keep up you cannot stop thinking and training, but fortunately I have a family and a girlfriend who are really understanding about everything. Zenith: As a PRO gamer you guys obviously travel a lot, how do you deal with the Jet Lag and how does the playing environment differ between Japan and USA? 18j2op4lntvm7jpg Gamerbee: Jet Lag or being tired in general is always a big problem for a professional gamer, the best way to avoid that is to simply travel to the location 1 or 2 days early, so you can get enough rest and be prepared. As for the difference between Japan and USA, the core spirit is the same but Japan players train in Arcades more while USA players mainly rely on online training via Consoles. Daigo stated that one of the main reasons he started working out was because he wanted to look more presentable for MadCatz , So do you think a professional player should be concerned about their overall appearance as well once they are sponsored and are representing an organization ? Gamerbee:  Looking good is an advantage no matter where you are to be honest, but as a successful Pro-Gamer you are a Star, you have to maintain your image, so I do agree with that. However I always think in the FGC, we need a mix of both good and bad personalities to make it more interesting, if everyone was humble there would be far less excitement Which player do you think is the most entertaining to watch and why? Gamerbee: I like a lot of players, but the ones that stand a level above the others are Bonchan, Sako, Justin, Momochi, Kazunoko and Daigo. I enjoy watching them the most simply because how versatile they are.

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  • Hasib Hasan Shovon

    Great job Zenith,Like always! 😉

  • Simon Reckers

    Great interview, Gamerbee is one of the most humble yet awesome players in Street Fighter