Medals from NSU Cyber Athletics 2011 !

Last week, Cyber Athletic 2011, one of the big gaming events of 2011 in Bangladesh took place at NSU campus organized by NSUCC. Four games were played in the tournament - NFS MW, CS Source, DOTA and FIFA 11. And yes people, RV Gaming has done it's job achieving 4 medals from the event. The most famous racing gamer team of Bangladesh "Team NFS" from RV has secured the crown and also a bronze in NFS MW. From FIFA 11 a bronze has been secured and DOTA made a silver finish. So the final tally - NFS MW: RVxFiReBaLL (GOLD) and RVxJinpachi (BRONZE) FIFA 11 : RVxoPu (BRONZE) DOTA : RVxReapeR (SILVER)