Interview with Razer Xian

We had a little Q&A session with him after he came back from his vacation, where among many things we discussed about his infamous Dhalsim counter pick, the influence of negativity from the fans and the prize pool bonus this year from Capcom More »

Capcom Cup 2014, what makes it special?

So what can you guys expect from this year’s Capcom Cup? What makes it tick? More »

Q&A with Joona “natu” Leppänen

Check out this Q&A with Joona “natu” Leppänen, where among many things we talked about his transformation from a player to a coach, NIP’s adaptability in the current Meta, CS GO’s return to IEM and Get_Rights impact as an IGL. So let’s get in full swing and see what he had to say! More »

Farewell Interview with a Reaper fueled by passion

There are only a handful of people in Bangladesh who have had success in the international Esports scene. One of them is our very own Aga Rafsan Chowdhury aka RVxReaper, who represented the country in the biggest stage in games like Warcraft 3 and StarCraft. So how did a Bangladeshi guy, who lacked a lot of resources went on to become a pro gamer? More »


ESL ONE Katowice once again with $250,000 major for CS GO

Electronic Sports League (ESL) have just announced that the next major event for CS GO sporting an impreesive prize pool of $250,000 will take place once again at ESL One Katowice during

Worlds 2015 to be held in Europe

After the spectacle that we got to see in 2014 in the Riot Games World Championships, which lasted a full month. The expectations for the next 'Worlds' became really high, now we

Capcom Cup 2014, what makes it special?

When it comes to the world of fighting games EVO is usually considered to be most important event and in many ways it probably is, it attracts the most people and features

Interview with Karam “KYAN1TE” Kabbara, the guy who evolved from a casual commentator to the new face of NIP TV

So we got the opportunity to have a little chat with Karam "KYAN1TE" Kabbara, one of the rising commentators of CS GO today. Among many things we talked about his journey from