RVxAces_oPu wins FIFA 11 in UCC GAMING COMBAT 2011 !

Yes gamers, Rafsan Jani Opu a.k.a. RVxAces_oPu has won FIFA 11 championship in UCC Gaming Combat 2011 held at BCS ICT Fair 2011. Yet another great achievement for the clan after RVxORCHI made it to the IeSF Korea grand finals a month ago. The final match was between RVxOpu and Akash. In best of three format, 1st match - Opu wins ( 3 - 0 ), 2nd match - Akash wins ( 4 - 1 ) and 3rd match - Opu wins ( 4 - 1 ). The whole RV family congratulate him on his another success in FIFA career and wishing him more titles in the upcoming tournaments.   And we are also glad to announce that, Akash has joined RV Gaming and best of luck to him in the upcoming tournaments as well. Long live RV FIFA team. Long live RV Gaming !