The International Dota 2 Championships – Everything you should know !

Get ready guys! The International 4 Dota 2 event is upon us ! The International 4  is simply the biggest event ( in terms of prize money at least) in the world of eSports to have ever taken place and Dota 2 is the game that's fortunate enough to be the driving force behind this phenomenon, So let us get to the point ! How are we going to this enjoy this hopefully spectacular event ? Naturally this is for those who won't be able to attend live can also enjoy the tournament. You guys can locate the official pubstomps via this  link. According to their official blog this will be updated with local places who are hosting a public viewing for the tournament. Similar to the first three The Internationals, the games will be available on both the in-game client and on streams for free. Dota 2 is offering a spoiler-free page  and via this page you will find all the matches, geared with a pause and rewind function. There are also new added streams this year. Specifically made for the second phase of the tournament where multiple matches will be happening at the same time. They will simply cover all game, and it will even feature a panel who will analyze the games as they happen. There is also a newcomer's broadcast stream, on which the commentary will be in respect for those new to the game, Since TI4 will clearly attract a lot of people who haven't played Dota 2 due to its hype alone!! Okay now that we have got that out of the way let’s talk about the format and schedule The New Format This year's version of The International will be unique, it sports slightly different format compared to the previous years but that’s enough to change everything! Instead of the previous two-group round-robin phase, there will be one 16-team round-robin stage followed by two days of playoffs to determine the placement in the main event Valve decided to introduce a system in their annual tournament, The International. While the Main Event will still have a double-elimination format (The defeated team will go on to the losers bracket instead of being eliminated directly), This new format will then end up with8 teams that will earn their spots through the newly introduced format instead of 16. The playoffs will have a total of 4 stages including the regional qualifiers that have already been played. The first stage is the Play-In tournament for the regional runner-ups, with the single winner earning the ticket to the second stage, this will be played tomorrow The 2nd stage will be a 16 team group stage, with each team playing in the BO1 format against everyone else. The top two teams will directly advance to the Upper Bracket of the Main Event as a payoff for doing the best out of everyone else early on, 8 teams will move to the third playoff stage and 6 teams will be knocked out. This will take place from July 9th through July 12th, with over 120 matches being played in the span of 4 days, God have mercy on the players and the viewers!!!! The 3rd stage will be similar to the Lower Bracket of the double-elimination format. The bottom two teams in in the group stage will have to face each other and the winning team will move on to face the higher ranked teams. Each Ti4 day will feature 3 matches in total. The losers of the first match of each day will be eliminated then and there, keep in mind that the losers of the second and third match will be placed in the loser’s bracket of the main event. The winner of the 3rd match of each day will be seeded directly to the Upper Bracket of the Main Event. This stage will take place from July 13 through July 14th. All the matches will be played in a BO3 format. Schedule: TUESDAY 8 Playoffs: Phase One - Wild Card Solo Championship WEDNESDAY 9 through SATURDAY 12 Playoffs: Phase Two SUNDAY 13 through MONDAY 14 Playoffs: Phase Three FRIDAY 18 Main Event: Upper Bracket SATURDAY 19 Main Event: Lower Bracket All-Star Match SUNDAY 20 Main Event: Lower Bracket MONDAY 21 Main Event: Grand Finals Pre and Post-Match Press Conferences All the matches will be avilable to viewers both in game and at Official Watch Section and Twitch Stream