Vendetta retires, MTK fills the slot

15578752_1180198248696508_8248589823410183441_n The exciting news is we have the newest fifth member that completes our CounterStrike Global Offensive rooster. His dedication to the game and in-game skills did not go unnoticed and we took him in for a trial period. His impact contributed to the team winning the latest LAN tournament hosted by Gamopot. Both the team and management thought that these five players have what it takes to bring more success to the team.
With that being said, we welcome our fifth member to the biggest E-Sports team in Bangladesh, Mahi Abrar Amer aka 'MTK'! Welcome to the team MTK. We hope your dedication and hard work will not fade away and bring you success.
14915517_10154703082832884_7572157072375349056_nThe slot 'MTK' will fill is of now officially retired Alif "Vendetta" Rahman . Vendetta is one of the founder members of our team and one of the recognizable figures in our gaming community. From Need For Speed to Counter Strike, he has certainly left his mark and constantly pushed the standard of performance. He has brought enormous glory for us and we, the Red Viperz family owe him heartfelt gratitude. Thank you for your service and we hope you do well with your life.